Whirlpools Best Frig?!?!

Frig craps out last Saturday/Sunday (Jan 11-12, 2014).

Buy new one online from Home Depot Early (1:30AM)
Monday (my birthday no-less! ($785.00))

They can’t deliver till Saturday Jan. 18th
They forget to put it on the truck, so
instead of getting it at 3:30pm it gets
here at 8:30pm.

They measure the front door opening and
say it ‘SHOULD” fit.

Front door opening 1/2″ to narrow….
Remove front door….. One guy rolls the
frig into place while the other guy helps
me put the front door back on…..

We stand there in front of frig for a
30 to 45 minutes remove all the tape
and plastic covering, and everything
is right with the world……

They leave and I start removing the
tape and foam from inside and start
loading the frig. Open the door and
“IT’S DEAD!!!! not even the light
comes on !!!!

Called Home Depot… Can’t get a
replacement till NEXT SATURDAY!!!

Their 3rd party delivery service only
delivers Home Depot stuff one day a week.

OH YEAH! The frig was a Whirlpool 21.1 CuFt

OH YEAH #2: Home Depot promised to call me back
between 2 to 5 pm…. it’s now 9:00 pm and I’m
still waiting for their call.


How to tell if a Whirlpool company rep. is lying…..
“His/Her lips are moving.”
“OH we’re giving it top priority!”
“OH we’ve put it on the expedite list!
And the lies go on for 3 weeks.
WHY? Cause they did have one in stock and if
I had known that; I would have bought a different
make and model!
The frig finally arrived Feb. 1st.

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