Well over the 90 days of Longevinex Test

Well I went way over the 90 days, in fact
I went over 120 days of that miracle pill.

Pill Box

So What was the final outcome of this test?!?!? Nothing good that’s for sure.

For one big factor is the cost!
This test has set me back about $700.00

My BSL (Blood-Sugar-Levels) hit a high of 400
with a final averaging around 250/280 and I’m still
working on getting it back down into the 125/135 range.

Needless to say my doctor was not happy about
this experiment and he just might be checking out the
man giving medical advice without a licence.(I personally
don’t know for sure)ie: Telling me to stop taking my diabetic
prescriptions as well as others. (And I still have all the emails
to prove it!)

I just took another reading and I’m at 189 @ 2:45 AM. Looks
like I need another shot.

(Thank You Longevinex — “NOT”!)

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