Watchout for those “Dime Sales” and “Friday Specials”

You know the ones… They start out at 5 to 7 bucks and go up 5 to 10 cents every half hour.

Most times they are a bundle of 4 to 10 Ebooks and scripts and hyped up to look like they are worth a fortune, “BUT” YOU! can have them for just pennies on the dollar.

Well guess what folks….. 90% of those (If not ALL), are “FREEBIES or Donationware” that you can have just by doing a simple Google search and many times they are ripped-off clones.

I use-to-be on a list from a guy in Canada; every week he has a bundle of products for just 7 bucks. Well about two Christmas ago he had this Super-Duper Packaged deal “Just for his Loyal Subscribers”, As a Christmas Special…. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

He bundled up a bunch of FREE products and tried to sell them for $97.00!!!!!

WOW! What a nice Christmas present he was having at your expense!

Understand something: “They don’t care about you!!!! They only care about their wallet and maintaining their fat 6 figure bank account — AT YOUR EXPENSE! They will do whatever it takes to get the money out of “YOUR WALLET” and into their bank account.

Here’s a good example I just got in… one of those Friday Specials.

(Not the whole ad — just the title and the last paragraph)
Product 1: My Download Area
(Master Resell Rights Included)
Even if you already have a thank you page, you can
replace it with the ‘My Download Area’ script to save
you time and have your products available to sell
within the shortest possible time!

(Here’s the Alert I got in the same batch of emails)

It has been reported by several sites that the product ‘My Download
Area’ a rip-off of someone elses product which you can d/l for free

If you’re selling it – well you know what to do……
And if any of your customers or peers are – please let them know…

This is happening EVERY WEEK! You are being RIPPED-OFF!

As I’ve said in other posts the good guys are hard to find because of all the scam/rip-off artists that are out there.

It really goes back to that old saying: “BUYER BEWARE!”

To Save yourself a bunch of money…. “IF” you see something that you think you ‘MUST HAVE’ then jump over to Google and search for it and make sure to check out several sites as they might be all promoting the same product at the same price…. so go deeper into the results pages maybe 10 to 15 pages deep…. you just might find out it’s a freebie or 10 to 30% cheaper on another site.

Another thing is to wait a couple of weeks and watch how fast the price drops.

One other thing is to watchout for the “Fear-of-Loss/Greed Trap” (they pull this a lot!) “Buy it now cause it’s going up to a billzillion bucks tomorrow!!!!”

HEY! If the dam thing is over priced to start with, why would I buy it at a higher price?!?!?!?!


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