Watchout for Avast5 Anti-Virus Program

Boy! Has this been an interesting two weeks of learning/RE-Learning
about the latest AV Programs out there, and “IT’S BEEN A COSTLY

Did I get hammered, no thanks to Avast5.

First it let in one of those “fake anti virus” that takes over your
computer and labels everything as corrupted with hundreds of
pop-up screens/blocks all updates/blocks your browser so it’ll
only go to ‘their’ chosen sites, (Many are porn).

It took me about 6 hours to clean up the mess, (I’m still finding a
few files here and there.) (OH! and you can forget about your ‘restore
points’ as they are totally useless now.)

Then on this other computer it lost all ability to protect my emails,
(In and Out), BUT! That didn’t stop Avast5 from loading up my
taskbar with dozens of notices tell me that it can’t protect me, a lot
of good that does.

Well Avast5 must have screwed up 10’s of thousands of computers
because their next update was a “MAJOR” over kill!

They locked down everything!
You can’t configure any settings or options even as Admin.
They have taken total control.
Shut off sound files/notices — NO (If you leave your computer on
24/7 like I do You will have an automatic alarm clock set to about
4 AM to 5 AM every morning. That’s when it turns your speakers
to full and screams at you that Avast5 has been updated.)
Tell it your computer is online 24/7 — NO
Tell it to auto-update it’s own program — NO

GEEE!?!?! This is starting to look and sound just like the ‘faked’ AV
virus I got rid of.

OH YEAH! Here’s another good one…. Avast5 decided that two
Microsoft DLL files were also viruses so it deleted them, now I get
errors after every reboot and I can’t find replacement for them, not
even from MS.

Support??? One form email — no farther replies.

Needless to say Avast is no longer on any of my machines.

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  • At 2010.09.21 11:57, arthur said:

    avast is not an anti-spyware tool. use your computer more responsibly

    • At 2010.09.21 15:31, admin said:

      I think you need new glasses!

      This is right off their website advertising:
      “*Antivirus and anti-spyware”
      “*Secures e-mail and chats”

      Next time checkout their website before you open your mouth!

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