Vaniqa Rebate is a rip-off!

I just got riped-Off for 130 bucks from their “SO-CALLED” Rebate Program.

Their ads state you get $25 for one tube and $50 if you get 2 tubes,
BUT, (as always), the lawyers have put in the fine print so they NEVER have
to pay it out.

If you have ‘any’ type of Medicare/Medicaid/’or’ ANY other state or federal insurance
program (EVEN IF THEY DON’T PAY A DIME/(Claim denied) ), just having that
coverage is their way of getting out of paying out the rebate!

OH! Here’s another good one — How much do you get for all that money?!?!?!
Each tube= 30g or 1.06oz so for a 130 bucks you get a whole 2.12 OUNCES!!!

If you are treating any large area and you’re applying it twice a day; those two tubes
WILL NOT last you a month!! And you’ll need to use this ‘stuff’ for
at least 6 months or more!

This means you can plan on spending about a thousand bucks out of YOUR Pocket
and “NO” guarantee that it will work.

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  • At 2012.08.17 10:35, Margie said:

    Thanks tons Bill for the information—I knew it would be too good to be true….

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