Piers Morgan: Your job’s Not done in the UK

Hey Morgan, you managed to get all the guns band in the UK,
but now you need to go back and have all the knives band as well!

You seam to like to spit out numbers; choke on these numbers right
from one of your ‘beloved’ rag papers.. The Sun.

Reported by them as of August 15th, 2012.
England only has something like 15,330,000 population.
But they have (in Britain only):

  • 6 stabbing deaths EVERY WEEK
  • 332 deaths per year and increasing every year
  • 60 stabbings EVERY DAY
  • Over 22,000 stabbings per year and increasing yearly

That’s 22k stabbings in a population of only 15 million?!?!?!

YUP! You definitely have to go back there and band every knife and all
sales of knives; and register everyone that wants to buy a knife will
have to get a special permit.

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