Michael Campbell joins the USTREAM.TV scene

Michael Campbell has been long time marketer, but a New Face when it comes to the video screen on USTREAM.TV

Michael Campbell Internet Marketing Secrets has been around the marketing scene for a long time, Pioneering Web Marketing since 1993.

Here’s just some of the topics covered in his test videos:

    The most important things an entrepreneur can do.
    My largest sources of traffic.
    How to increase business.
    Why press releases are so effective.
    Why he uses Twitter
    Points on blogging and bookmarking sites
    Even covered what he does about incorporating and taxes.
    And a lot more.

He was a breath of fresh air, very relaxed… easy going format.
It was more like a friend or neighbor coming over and sitting around the kitchen table talking about anything and everything.

I watched his two test show and enjoyed every minute.

Looks like they will be on Wednesdays evenings at 7 PM PST.

I watched his preview/test videos at: DMCorp’s Videos


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19 Videos — 3 Full Hrs. of the TRUTH about Internet Marketing

There are 100’s of ‘People’ out there who have no right teaching anything. Their “ONLY” goal is to make themselves rich off of your hard earned dollars.

Writing a slick sales letter and putting up a cool sales page doesn’t mean that they are really qualified to teach, or that their ‘courses’ are worth wasting your time and money to even download & unzip it… SO-O-O!

If you REALLY want to increase the profits from your Internet Marketing efforts, you NEED to read about what’s been going on in Osaka Japan the past few weeks…

You see, I just received a very interesting update from my friend Kevin Riley. For those of you who haven’t heard of Kevin, he’s the author of a very successful line of Internet Marketing guidebooks that he calls his “Recipes”.

(Kevin lives in Japan with his beautiful — “Gorgeous” Japanese wife. (I’m s-o-o-o-o jealous and I can’t find my passport!!) )

Kevin is extremely good at cranking out popular and informative reports, (it’s his specialty). But, to drive traffic and track the results of his offerings, he turned to another Internet Marketer who also lives in Japan, James B. Allen.

(James also has a beautiful Japanese wife. Spotting a trend here? (“Where did I put that passport“!!!???) )

It turns out that these two experts recently got together in the city of Osaka for a week long brain storming secession. During that time, they spent several days in Kevin’s “Lab” creating a video series teaching all their Internet Marketing secrets.

Check out their IPO Here

Here’s what Kevin had to say:

“James had contacted me, thoroughly disgusted with the skimpy information being drip-fed at expensive IM seminars, (that are only designed to empty your wallet as fast as possible), and ready to tell you the TRUTH on all the super-effective techniques he’s employed to make big profits off the Internet.

“For 3 long days, we locked ourselves in the Lab (only cigars and whiskey kept us alive) and pooled our vast knowledge and experience with product creation, Internet marketing, offline marketing, and business building. We filmed it all.

“We were absolutely drained at the end, but what emerged was phenomenal. We are offering it as a video series named – Internet Profits Optimizer: The Osaka Interrogation.

I’ve had a chance to see the pre-view of the videos; Kevin and James are being very serious and totally open about this. From what I saw they broke it down so even a newbie to Internet Marketing could understand it. I can honestly say – if you are still struggling to increase your online income, you’ll want to check these out as soon as possible.

Incredibly, this video series, which you can download and watch on your computer, includes 19 Videos. That’s THREE full hours of Kevin and James divulging all their techniques for increasing traffic, conversions, sales and profits from your websites, all in a clear and detailed manner.

You can read a full description of the offer at their main salespage here: Check out their IPO Here

(Tell them Grandpa Bill sent you 😉 )


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Why Can’t I make any Money Online?!?!

The Online Income Conspiracy

Are you starting to feel like a lot of the time and money you’ve spent on ebooks, software and training programs/courses for your online business has been in vain?

You are not alone. In fact, getting good “High Quality” information is often quite difficult. You have to do a lot of searching to find the “TRUTH” and not a rip-off.

Get the Free Report Here

In fact, as it turns out, there are some people who WANT you to keep wasting your money like that – without getting results. They are the agents of the so-called “Online Income Conspiracy”.

Luckily, there is a simple 3-Key system, so that ANYONE having the desire and the willingness to do the work, can apply tasks to increase their online income – using the tools and training you have already spent money on. (What good is it to have a the tools you need to succeed, but haven’t a clue how to use them?!?!?!)

Learning this system has two powerful benefits.

The first – it will help turn what you already know into increased online profits.

Secondly, it will keep you from ever being duped, (RIPPED OFF), by the conspiracy guru’s again and again. The 3-Key system virtually guarantees any future purchase you make to help your online business will actually be a good investment. (You may have seen the term “ROI” which simply means: “Return On Investment” and THAT’s what you should be thinking of and looking for.)

Knowing this system, you’ll quickly be able to spot the cons and the scams and avoid wasting your money on them ever again.

Kevin Riley and James B. Allen (The Good Guys I told you about), have just released a FREE report that reveals both this “Online Income Conspiracy” that has been working against you AND the “3-Key” system that will improve your online income and release you from the conspiracy’s stranglehold.

You don’t even need to provide your name or email address – just click, download, read… and be enlightened and armed with a potent formula for success.

Pickup Your Free Report Here

I can personally tell you that Kevin is a straight shooter and an ‘overdeliver-er’ — He’s proven his worth time and again, so please checkout his ebook and see for yourself.


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The Truth: “How Guru’s Think of You”

You want the honest truth?!?!?! Go M-O-O-O-O because you’re nothing but a ‘cash cow’ to them.

You’re an open wallet for them to dip into every time they need a new supply of cash!!!

They will bate you with every ‘Golden Egg’/’Super Secret’/’Instant Riches’ schemes to help THEM empty out your wallet and make themselves richer.

The Truth is they NEVER want you to succeed and become their competition, not until they’ve tapped your wallet dry, at least.

Here’s what a ‘former’ insider had to say about it: Quoted from the ebook report with permission from Kevin Riley.

Former Insider: “It’s quite simple actually. The Online Income Conspiracy wants to make as much money off you as they can, without you ever becoming enlightened enough to become their competition. They are so clever that every single day they convince many many people – struggling and aspiring online entrepreneurs – to continue to pay them for the “privilege” of being kept in the dark!

“It’s insane!

Former Insider: I was explicitly told by my mentor NOT to “teach” anything. I was just to explain the “what” and NOT the “how” – and keep “upselling” to more expensive solutions at these events.

“That’s the process that the entire Conspiracy is based on – a sales funnel that NEVER provides real value at any level – except to the seller.”

“They feed on your greed and your insecurities – and your hard-earned income. And they do it well.

“Mostly though, they feed on your lack of knowledge – your naivety.”

NOW: With all that said I want you to know that there are still a lot of honest hard working marketers out there, but they are getting hard to find because of all the smoke and mirrors of the GURU’s.

Like I said: This blog is dedicated to help warn you about the rip-offs and try to keep you from being burnt — Like I have been over the years. I learned the hard expensive way and I’m going to do my best to stop them from doing it to you as well.

Internet marketing “TAKES WORK and IS Work”!!! there is NO magic bullet/program/system that will make you filthy rich just by paying some Guru 1,000’s of dollars and you just sit back and watch the cash flow in….IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Before you waste another dime on a worthless schemes please “READ THIS REPORT”; ‘MAYBE’ it will open your eyes to the truth.

I’ll be posting more about these two “HONEST” Marketers, (James B Allen and Kevin Riley), in my next few posts… Stay Tuned!


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“I’m Getting Sick and Tired of GRUUUROOOS Rip-Offs!!!”

It never fails… Week after week — day after day I get hammered with sales from the GRUUUROO’s that “HAVE THE ANSWER” to make you filthy rich over night, if you just buy their super-duper widget.

“My ‘WIDGET’ will do everything to make you wealthy — make your morning coffee – and service you breakfast in bed… and it ‘ONLY’ 297/397/497/997/1997/ etc…etc.”

I even watched this so-called marketing woman yak for 90 minutes and then without batting an eye asked for $9,997.00 For ‘HER SYSTEM’!!!

But what really amazes me is that most after just two weeks go by:

  • A) It’s now selling on eBay for 5 bucks
  • B) The ‘system/technique’ doesn’t work any more
  • C) They NEVER mention it again.
  • D) They’re sell some ‘new’ widget!

I wonder how many actually ‘READ’ the disclaimers, (you know that fine print in faded out gray type so you either can’t read it or just ignore it.)

In short, it’s basically: “I lied; the only one who’s going to be making any money is me because you were stupid enough to buy this crap.”

I ran across one of the “FEW” honest guru’s articles about how he was at one of the hyped up seminars and the guy was there selling his super-widget email program and the people were fighting to throw their money on the table for a copy…. The Honest Guru ask the other … aahh? person? Why he did that? and didn’t he know that technique of emailing didn’t work any more??? He’s reply: “Sure! But a got a garage full of the crap and I got to get rid of it!”

Another GRUUROOO said he paid only $250 to get an ebook ‘AND’ the sales page written by a ghostwriter and made over a million bucks thru hype! (It wasn’t worth 10 bucks — OH Right! You never sell anything for even money, It’s always has to end in a “Seven” ($9.97))

Then you’ve got the “CLONE PEOPLE — THE COPY CATS”; They take whatever is ‘hot’ that week — buy a copy, (And many times it’s thru their own affiliate links), then ship it off to a freelancer to tare it apart and make their own cloned copy with less features. And again sell it at a hyped up price. (There’s one guy in the UK that’s done that several times. He made one cloned product, (totally buggy)… made 1.5 million and left everyone sitting while he went on holiday to India. About 3 to 4 months later he was at it again.)

OH! For all of you out there trying to make it in the marketing business — You ever get those emails that say: “Sell my widget and keep 100% of the money, Paid directly to your PayPal account!”

Well guess what?! You do that and you just built up that guy’s eMail List and not YOURS! Cause ‘HE/SHE’ gets the customer’s name and email address not you!

One guy lost hundreds of his customers, cause the GRUUROO he was promoting/selling for got all the names and email addresses of his list.

And that brings up another point that ‘piss me off’ — You’ve PAID for the product, BUT you can’t have it until you give them your name and email address…. in a sense hold something you’ve already paid for for ransom. If You don’t put the info in there; you can’t download the product even thou you’ve paid for it!

YES! There are still a few good/honest marketers out there, but they are dam hard to find.

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eBay Screws It’s Sellers “AGAIN”!!!

Well the brain dead 9,000 pound eBay gorilla does it again.

First they killed off all sales of eBooks and downloadable materials in regular auctions and told the sellers that they had to use their ‘eBay Classified Ads’ feature to sell their digital products.

Their (eBay), claim is that it would be cheaper for the seller and that for the small fee of just 10 bucks for an entire month, they could sell as many products without any limits, (as in an auction you had to put in how many items where available), and they would not have the cost of the “Auction Listings and Final Value fees”.

Well now, That’s all fine and good, until they just ‘Blind Sided’ the seller AGAIN with the new restrictions for the Classified Ads.

    You CAN NOT have a “Buy it Now” button in your ad.
    You CAN NOT have a link to your website to buy your product.
    You CAN NOT have an opt-in box.

SO!!!??? What good are those classifieds?!?!?

    You have noway of closing the sale.
    You can’t get them to your website.
    You can’t get their contact info.

SO! What am I (The Sellers), paying for!?!?!?!


It sure makes me want to go right out and place dozens of worthless ads on eBay!!!


PS: If you want to read about this on eBay have fun trying to find it — It’s buried (Hidden), deep inside eBay’s Workshop posts by ‘Trust and Safety’.

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eBayers — Auction Sniper will cost you your Winning Bid!

Attention All eBay Buyers

If any of you are using and relying on “AuctionSniper” to place your bids… Be forewarned it just might cost you your winning bids!

Several days ago I wanted to snipe a very “Rare/Hard to Find/EXPENSIVE” drill chuck made by Jacob Mfg. on an eBay auction.

I clicked the “SnipeitNow” button and got nothing… blank, so I went over to their website, “404’s” page or domain not found…. OK; I had time, so the next day I tried it again and this time the snipe and the site came up — Fine I’m in…

For 6 days I watch and adjusted my snipe so I KNEW I would win that drill chuck. It was at $51.00 with only 56 minutes left and my Sniped Bid was set for $76.98…. I GOT IT FOR SURE!!


The auction closed and I lost the auction by 11 BUCKS! BUT! Not over my bid BUT BELOW MY BID! It went for $66.00

AuctionSniper never even placed that snipe/bid!

After days of searching I’ve found a few at retail suppliers; The Price? Over $200 to as high as $389.00

What did AuctionSniper do about it “NOTHING!”… oh, but they did give me two free “WORTHLESS” snipes….. YEAH RIGHT!!! Like I’m ever going to use their worthless service again.

Moral of the story is NEVER use this service “IF” you really want to win the auction item, use eBay’s Auction Bidding Assistant.

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Joel’s second show was another hit!!

Thanks Joel,

What a great show.

Joel gave and gave — His “ONE HOUR” show turned into something more like “TWO” hours. (The people just won’t leave until they
absolutely had to.)

(OOPPPS! Sorry Dan didn’t mean to forget about you as well.) 🙂

The info just flowed, so much so that at times it was a little
hard to keep up with it all, but that’s a lot better than to little.;)

Joel give out:

  • Web Site Links
  • Product Info
  • Marketing Tips
  • eBooks
  • Tips on eBook writing
  • Important Services that are available
  • Hints on upcoming products/projects still in development
  • and so much more

Looks like this might turn into a weekly event. Think I’ll be
bookmarking that web site for sure.

The Ustream feed was having problems, but still well
worth watching.

Hope Ustream.tv fixes their problems by
next week.

The only hardest part is the time frame; (Noon Central Time), with most people working the “DAY JOB” it’s hard for so many people, who want to be there, just can’t.

But if you can …. by all means BE THERE! it is worth your time.


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Joel Comm steps into new territory

Well he finally took the plunge in the ever widening field
of video streaming.

Today I watched as Joel Comm took his first attempt at
live video streaming like my friend Chris Pirillo does
every day, via UStream.TV

For his first time out I think he did quite well. They
had a few bugs at the beginning, but once they settled
in things took off and it was quite enjoyable and
informative. The time flew by so fast and I think
everyone wanted Joel to stay on longer or come
back for a “Part 2” secession. (I guess we can blame
that on Chris…. He’s got us spoiled.) 🙂

I have no doubt that the entire program format will
evolve and settle into their own unique style over
the next few months and that’s when it’ll really smooth
out start rocking.

There was talk about making it into a membership only
site and I have mixed emotions about that. I for one
can’t afford to pay some monthly or yearly fee then
have to plan on being there at a certain day and time
or I miss out not only on the show but also the money
I had to payout.

Chris runs his live stream 24/7, plus puts up at least 5
videos on YouTube all for “FREE” — Joel’s still deciding
as to whether or not it’s going to be a weekly or bi-weekly
show — FOR A FEE!?!?!?

Come on Joel… The “PR” you’ll get from the show will pay off
in the long run, (Backend). Try this… Keep it free for a year
and see how it goes, ‘THEN’ decide which way to run it. At
least you will have built up a bunch of followers by that time.

Good Luck Joel!


(Editors Note: I screwed up and miss understood what
Joel was talking about. PLEASE see his comments —
Sorry my friend. Bill)

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Video Pages

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