Internet Marketers and their bs emails

How many times have you got emails from Internet Marketers with the subject lines:
“This Webinar is Over Booked”
“This sold out in just xx hours”
“It’s your last chance”
“There’s only 10 left”
“I’ve saved one JUST FOR YOU!”
“There’re selling out fast!”
and the list goes on and on.

But then they tell you (in the webinar ones), that this is such a hot item
that they are “over booked”, but ‘YOU’ got to get over there and book your
spot so YOU don’t miss out on this ‘great’ seminar.

SAY WHAT??? If it’s ‘over booked’ why would you waste your time to register
for something that doesn’t have any openings? Doesn’t ‘over booking’ mean that
they sold/registered more places/seats/lines then they are allowed?!?!?!

OH Yeah! Then two or three days latter you get another email saying there was
such a demand for this seminar that they recorded it and now have it up at this
url, just so you can see the replay of it and not miss out.

Then you have the “Sold Out” or “Only xx number left” versions, BUT! because
he/she is such a nice guy/gal and looking out for you so you don’t miss out on
this weeks greatest widget he saved/reserved XX number of copies for his/her
loyal customers, ‘JUST’ so you could BUY it.

But the truth is he/she might have a mailing list of 10,000 or 100,000+,
but he/she has only saved 20 to 50 copies so you gotta get it ‘RIGHT NOW!!!’

One well known marketer is noted for calling this: “Milking his Cash Cow List”
(He’s said this in writing/seminars/videos.)
Another marketer stated in a video, (Recording a seminar): “I know every
customer that buys a $27 product is worth $497 in follow up sales.”

And the real kicker is two weeks later they’ve come up with a new “MUST HAVE”
widget, so they can fatten their wallet with YOUR MONEY!!! And you’ll never
hear another word about the last widget ever again.

Think about this: If a Marketer claims he’s making 400,000 to a billzillion
bucks with this superduper widget…. WHY would he let you in on this?!?!?!
If you came up with something that would make you a small fortune why would
you let anyone know how you did it or for that matter WHY would you even
think about SELLING it for 27/47/97/197 BUCKS!?!?!? (Unless this widget
stopped working and is now worthless!!!)

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