“I’m Getting Sick and Tired of GRUUUROOOS Rip-Offs!!!”

It never fails… Week after week — day after day I get hammered with sales from the GRUUUROO’s that “HAVE THE ANSWER” to make you filthy rich over night, if you just buy their super-duper widget.

“My ‘WIDGET’ will do everything to make you wealthy — make your morning coffee – and service you breakfast in bed… and it ‘ONLY’ 297/397/497/997/1997/ etc…etc.”

I even watched this so-called marketing woman yak for 90 minutes and then without batting an eye asked for $9,997.00 For ‘HER SYSTEM’!!!

But what really amazes me is that most after just two weeks go by:

  • A) It’s now selling on eBay for 5 bucks
  • B) The ‘system/technique’ doesn’t work any more
  • C) They NEVER mention it again.
  • D) They’re sell some ‘new’ widget!

I wonder how many actually ‘READ’ the disclaimers, (you know that fine print in faded out gray type so you either can’t read it or just ignore it.)

In short, it’s basically: “I lied; the only one who’s going to be making any money is me because you were stupid enough to buy this crap.”

I ran across one of the “FEW” honest guru’s articles about how he was at one of the hyped up seminars and the guy was there selling his super-widget email program and the people were fighting to throw their money on the table for a copy…. The Honest Guru ask the other … aahh? person? Why he did that? and didn’t he know that technique of emailing didn’t work any more??? He’s reply: “Sure! But a got a garage full of the crap and I got to get rid of it!”

Another GRUUROOO said he paid only $250 to get an ebook ‘AND’ the sales page written by a ghostwriter and made over a million bucks thru hype! (It wasn’t worth 10 bucks — OH Right! You never sell anything for even money, It’s always has to end in a “Seven” ($9.97))

Then you’ve got the “CLONE PEOPLE — THE COPY CATS”; They take whatever is ‘hot’ that week — buy a copy, (And many times it’s thru their own affiliate links), then ship it off to a freelancer to tare it apart and make their own cloned copy with less features. And again sell it at a hyped up price. (There’s one guy in the UK that’s done that several times. He made one cloned product, (totally buggy)… made 1.5 million and left everyone sitting while he went on holiday to India. About 3 to 4 months later he was at it again.)

OH! For all of you out there trying to make it in the marketing business — You ever get those emails that say: “Sell my widget and keep 100% of the money, Paid directly to your PayPal account!”

Well guess what?! You do that and you just built up that guy’s eMail List and not YOURS! Cause ‘HE/SHE’ gets the customer’s name and email address not you!

One guy lost hundreds of his customers, cause the GRUUROO he was promoting/selling for got all the names and email addresses of his list.

And that brings up another point that ‘piss me off’ — You’ve PAID for the product, BUT you can’t have it until you give them your name and email address…. in a sense hold something you’ve already paid for for ransom. If You don’t put the info in there; you can’t download the product even thou you’ve paid for it!

YES! There are still a few good/honest marketers out there, but they are dam hard to find.

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