Not sure just what I should say here.

I’m single/Retired and on disability retirement.

I monitor and do tech support for 2 ISP’s to keep busy. (Night Shift)

I’ve been beating on computers since the mid 80’s.

I started out with the standard Vic 20’s and the Commodore 64’s; (for
you young kids)… that was BEFORE Hard Drives /Windows /The

To install a program you had to “type in” every line of code, (DOS) and
our internet was long distant calls to BBS’s.

AAAHHH The good old days, where a 14,400 modem was lighting fast.


Now it’s May 2018 and we’re now commanded/ordered to make out some bullshit ‘Privacy Statement’ for the world….

Well the truth is “YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY!!!!””” Between all the social medias like
Facebook; The search engines like Google, They are all in bed with EVERY 3 letter gov. agency.   FBI/CIA/IRS/ you name it they have a direct line straight to them.
Microsoft has given them all the ability to turn on your computer cameras and microphones, so they came see and hear EVERYTHING you’re doing in your OWN HOMES!!!!

You already know that all your phone calls are monitored, but did you know that even
your electric use is monitored?!?!?! So if you run up to high of an electric bill they send
the cops out to see if your some kind of a drug grower !!!! Don’t laugh it happened to a family in California…. Busted in doors/ guns/the whole story line just like TV. WHY??
They had big screen TV’s/Computers in every room/Audio Systems and a lot of kids playing video games… BUT Their electric company told the cops that they were growing dope, (weed)!!!

Now I’m not sure just exactly what they want me to agree to in the way of stored data, but
as far as I know I (This Blog) does not collect anything but cookies.

I don’t know if you’re: Black/White/Green/Blue.
I don’t know if you’re: Man/Woman/or Alien

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