60 Days and Counting on The Longevinex 90 Day Trial

Well it’s been a LONG 60 days and I’m really
getting sick and tried of take all these pills.

Pill Box

What’s been happening!?!?! Nothing good that’s for sure.
I’ve had to order another 45 BUCKS in more vitamins.

I have NOT seen ANY change or improvements;
in fact just the opposite, my BSL readings have gone “UP”
not down… I’m now running 160 to 175 instead of at/or
below the 125/135 levels.

DAM! Will I be glad when this test is over and I can get
back to eating real food. I feel like I’m living on just
the vitamins and supplements instead of food.

I sure don’t hold out much hope in seeing any improvements in
the next 30 days, but I’ve paid for all this stuff so I’m
going to use them up even if it goes on past the 90 day mark.

I sure won’t miss coughing/ gagging/ choking on some of those
monster pills. Some are almost an inch long and look like a
football shape.

I’ll be back at the end of April with the final results.

Grandpa Bill

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